Prageeth has worked in our company as a lead front-end developer, helping us to take the application's technology to the next level. Through his contribution, he has fundamentally changed the way we develop software, making a significant contribution to developing better quality more efficiently. I have always appreciated working with him and can absolutely recommend him for difficult projects, with high requirements.
David Krings Co-Founder & CTO at aifora GmbH
Once in your career you meet a few people who have the right kind of attitude, skill and foresight that truly qualifies them as "top notch" in their domain. For me, Prageeth is certainly one of them.
Florian Patzke Senior User Experience-Designer at Accendere GmbH
I was extremely happy to have Prageeth on my team. He is a seasoned frontend development expert, always on the look for improvements of the deliverables. Very capable of evangelizing such improvements within the dev team, in order to take a software product's quality and UX to the next level. A+
Christian Schmidt Director Consulting Services at CGI Next
I had the privilege of working with Prageeth while working on Intuit’s Quickbooks Payroll product. He was a key asset to the team and a strong technical voice, championing important improvements to our infrastructure and code hygiene. He led several refactoring initiatives that brought speed and agility to the team. At the time, I was learning React and I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher in Prageeth. In every code review, he taught me important best practices around React patterns and testing. 2 years later, I still teach my team unit testing principles I learned from Prageeth. Prageeth models speed, quality, and engineering excellence in everything he does and I’m lucky to have worked with him.
Kate Finlay Software Engineer at Facebook
Few people have the opportunity to sit beside a manager who is also a coach and mentor,but I did when I worked closely with Prageeth. I had the pleasure of working with him for almost two years at Webjet Exclusives, And I was particularly impressed by Prageeth’s ability to handle even the toughest and complicated projects, and effortlessly. That skill often takes ages to develop among web development professionals, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to him. Any employee would be lucky to have Prageeth as a colleague or a Team Leader.
Ben Bozorg CTO at Inspiring Vacations Pty Ltd
Prageeth is a valued member of our Webjet Exclusives business. The team relies upon his deep knowledge of web development technologies to produce robust enhancements to our website within tight time-frames. Prageeth provides valuable input to new initiatives and consistently delivers upon his proposed solutions. I would highly recommend him as a high quality developer and problem solver.
David Galt CEO - Webjet OTA
Prageeth has been an instrumental member of the Webjet Exclusives team during its rapid growth starting in 2014. His broad knowledge of web technologies has provided a reliable and fully featured ecommerce platform that facilitates a complex array of travel packages and options. Prageeth is a true gentleman who not only brings a sharp mind to the company but also a vivacious personality that enhances the team's culture.
Shannon Murdoch UX Manager - Webjet
I had the pleasure of speaking to Prageeth recently and could not have been more impressed. Rarely have I met a front-end developer with such a strong set of core skills; his HTML and CSS are razor sharp. The depth of Prageeth’s native JavaScript knowledge particularly surprised me. While many developers are a bit shaky when it comes to native JS and mainly rely on jQuery, Prageeth has an advanced understanding of object-oriented JavaScript and the more deep, tricky subtleties of the language. I addition to being very friendly and well-spoken, this gentleman is a seriously talented front-end web developer.
Kevin Chisholm Sr. JavaScript, Angular, Node Consultant