Senior Frontend Engineer
Objego Essen, Germany
 -  current
  • Improvement of the UI/UX and Frontend development of the objego products; using Angular.
  • Introduction of automated testing and improvement of code quality/coverage.
Senior Frontend Developer
Aifora Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Owner of the UI/UX and Frontend development of the Aifora products; using Angular.
  • Enforcing code quality and software engineering standards across the development team (including Frontend and backend).
  • Introducing and managing CI/CD methodologies and ensuring smooth releases of the product to clients.
  • Introduced automated testing in the frontend codebase, and increased code coverage by ~70% within 9 months, and counting; codebase had no prior automated testing.
  • Introduced GraphQL into the project and improving the development process.
  • Introduced automated code quality validations (PR checks) in the CI pipelines; this was especially important since the codebase is touched by internal and external teams.
Senior Software Consultant
CGI Deutschland Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Being an integral part of the decision-making process for front-end related technologies and software architecture for client projects.
  • Development of software in a mirco-service environment mainly focusing on highly scalable projects with hundreds of thousands of users; mainly focusing on front-end development but also on some server-side projects.
  • Working with other external stakeholders as part of client projects; in an agile environment.
  • Development of GCI’s SCRUM RETRO video game (using a dance mat), initially presented at Beyond Tellerand 2019 conference in Düsseldorf.
  • Cross-training teams to break technical barriers within the company.
Software Engineer
Intuit – Quickbooks London, United Kingdom
  • Development of highly test-driven software for Quickbooks Payroll; using ReactJS and GraphQL for UI components and Groovy/Java for building APIs to run and manage payroll, generate electronic filings, reports, and other external documents required by government.
  • Taking on scrum master duties to run weekly sprints in an agile environment that delivers quality software but with speed as a habit.
  • Working with other inter-organisational teams in the US and other parts of the world, product managers and customers to improve the user experience of the software.
  • Working with external free open-source library developers and contributing to the community.
  • Delivered the Global Payroll Platform product on time for General Availability in June 2017.
  • Improved customer satisfaction by fixing top 10 customer pain points.
  • Managed to improve the scrum process to make the team more efficient.
  • Helped decompose the main application into smaller plugin modules.
  • Active member of the social committee (the Engagement team in the UK), and helped organise work related events to improve the workplace atmosphere. Intuit UK was ranked 3rd at the Great Places to Work 2018 awards ceremony in the UK.
Head of Web Development – Webjet Exclusives
Webjet Melbourne, Australia
  • Design and development of all Webjet Exclusives (Australia, Singapore and New Zealand) software platforms, including live booking systems, high volume competition entry capturing platform, browser-based game competitions, etc.
  • Managing the development team and all internal technical operations.
  • Working with external stakeholders such as Microsoft, Google, IBM, numerous payment gateways, design/marketing agencies, retargeting platforms, etc.
  • Weekly data analysis and agile system updates based on analysis results.
  • Software platform customised with major improvements and business centric features.
  • Improvements to the website have increased monthly traffic up to 150k unique visitors.
  • Introducing live deal availabilities as a result of user interaction analysis has increased conversions significantly (1~1.5% increased conversions).
  • Improvements to the SEO components of the CMS and presentation of content resulted in the website being indexed by all major search engines in under an hour.
Software Engineer
NDS Creative Melbourne, Australia
  • Design and development of high-level architecture for web products and in-house software.
  • Custom building of APIs (RESTful) and integration of external portals such as realestate.com.au (REA Group).
  • Documentation and maintenance of in-house software, network setups and servers.
  • Designed and developed a Single-Sign-On server which was customised for internal applications and also integrated with Google Apps for Business.
  • Designed and developed a Property Management tool using Laravel and Bootstrap that synchronises with REA’s main property portal.
  • Designed and development (on-going) of a white-labelling solution for an web browser based banner manager with a template editor using jQuery and Fabric.js.
Technical Team Leader
AndMine - Digital Agency Melbourne, Australia
  • Design and development of high-level architecture for custom software.
  • Development and use of complex frameworks mainly on PHP.
  • Company-wide project management; from the start to the end of the project life cycle, producing technical specifications, development and testing.
  • In-house development team management.
  • Designed and developed a MVC CRM framework (PHP) that was custom tailored for a specific client’s needs (Vendor Advocacy Australia).
  • Entrusted with the more complex aspects of the business such as handling business transactions, customer queries, pitching.
  • Software designed and implemented by myself; of which one application involved a self-learning algorithm for a client social media campaign (Metricon – Love Where You Live).
Software Developer
AndMine – Digital Agency Melbourne, Australia
  • Designing and development of software and web applications.
  • Quality Assurance (QA) and User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
  • Development of plugins for numerous software frameworks (mainly PHP and jQuery).
  • Working with many popular clients such as Ego Pharmaceuticals, Matchbox, Metricon, Crumpler, Australian Physiotherapy Association, Arthur Galan, Dinosaur Designs, and more.
Research Assistant
Project: Early Detection and Mitigation of Disastrous Events with Broadband-Enabled Social Interaction Technologies
University of Melbourne Melbourne, Australia
  • Development of custom software in Java for event detection using social media.
  • Use of Twitter API to accumulate social media posts for parsing and detecting events.
  • The initial phase of the development was successful and was taken over by the involved supervisors.
Programmer / Developer
Project: Melbourne University Game-based Learning Environment
University of Melbourne Melbourne, Australia
  • Development of a web application allowing university students to host web-based games.
  • Use of Google App Engine and Google Web Toolkit for implementing the product.
  • The project was a success and was completed within the allocated time-frame. The product was used by students at the University of Melbourne, the following years until it was decommissioned.
Web Developer (Freelance)
Kingston Development Melbourne, Australia

Work was provided on a project-by-project basis and worked on a few client websites.